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Redhill Aerodrome

There are several links which are underlined throughout the site but for convenience we have also grouped them here.

This is the Aerodrome we fly from. It is a fully Licensed Aerodrome with Full Air Traffic Control and all the safety support of a real Aerodrome.

Ikarus C 42

The Aircraft we fly. A brilliant fixed wing microlight which is more comfortable than many “larger” aircraft, and goes faster. Its easy to fly, comfortable and great fun.


The British Microlight Aircraft Association. This is our “Governing Body” who manage and control all Microlight flying in the UK. They make sure our operation and Aircraft are safe and our Instructors are fully competent.

Online Gift Vouchers

Here you can instantly buy a gift voucher “on line” using your plastic card.


National Private Pilots Licence. This is the licence our students qualify for. The  training syllabus can be found here.


Our Email address. Opens an email to us in your email programme.

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Click here for a map to find Redhill Aerodrome.

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